AB/R Initia was founded in the area of law in 2003, dealing with all matters within the legal sphere.

One decade later, two experts in the world of finance, economics and business were welcomed into the firm, and the name AB/R Derecho y Finanzas was subsequently adopted. The firm now aims to provide clients with a full range of legal advice on both personal and business-related issues.

To that end, AB/R Derecho y Finanzas is made up of a hard-working team with extensive education and backgrounds in the fields of both economics and law, supported by specialised research studies on international commerce, marketing and management.

Providing effective solutions to the current fast-paced legal market is one of our firm’s main objectives, whilst looking to help our clients with any business venture they may get involved in.

Therefore AB/R Derecho y Finanzas offers professional legal assistance while helping clients discover new markets, in exhaustive and specific research aiming to offer assurance and to safeguard the credibility of all initiatives put forward.

Abogados Vélez Málaga


Complex Financial Products:

Abogados Vélez Málaga Swaps y preferentes


· Legal advice on the economic and financial aspects to be taken into account for the propelling of companies into international markets.

· Legal advice to companies envisaging internationalisation and purporting to enter the EU and non-EU markets.

· Legal advice on the internationalisation of Spanish companies.

· Legal advice on the setting-up of new Societies.

· Litigation: defining the most favourable jurisdiction, drafting arbitration terms, dealing with international arbitration bodies and coordination with international lawyers.

· Fiscal and accountancy legal advice provided to Spanish Societies made up of non-Spanish citizens.